Established in 1992, TabMark Ltd. was the first company offering environmentally responsible de-icers in Hungary!

Today, Dr. Ice is Hungary’s most popular eco-friendly de-icer. With its favourable price, Dr. Ice is not only highly effective, but contains many components beneficial to the environment.

By constant development and monitoring of the global prices, we are able to ensure the highest quality. In addition to our products, we provide our customers with advice about de-icing and anti-slip measures.

Due to the perfect proportion of precious components, Dr. Ice retains the conventional de-icers’ performance while being gentle to the vegetation. Its beneficial impact on the natural vegetation is attributed to its content of Potassium, but the added Magnesium and Calcium are also advantageous for the plants and the soil. Potassium is essential for the plants’ nutrient uptake and water balance; it helps with the absorption of N and formation of ATP. Calcium has a preliminary role in maintaining the soil’s fertility. It enhances the cell division, root growth and positively influences the water-, heat- and air balance of the ground. Magnesium, however, is the main element of chlorophyll. Despite the beneficial effects, it is essential to pay attention to the proper amount to be dispersed in order to avoid overloading the soil. The Dr. Ice de-icing agents contain zeolite or other silicon based materials acting as physical anti-slip additive. Swept on the soil, these enhance vitality and positively contribute to the fertility. These additives improve the supply of trace elements and help maintaining appropriate circumstances for bacteria residing in the ground. Furthermore, they bind heavy metals and other polluting substances.

Using Dr. Ice is significantly more economical, than conventional grit salts, as only a smaller amount is needed and it does not inflict any of the negative consequences. Hence, the associated expenses, such as replanting trees, the additional fertilizing of the soil, the corrosion of roads, bridges, water- and gas pipes, monuments, vehicles and further objects or their undesirable extra maintenance, can be prevented.

Dr. Ice comes either in 10 kg bags made of polyethylene, or in 800-1000 kg bulk bags. The former one is used for manual spreading, whereas the latter one is for mechanical dispersal. Based on preliminary arrangements, we can provide different units as well. Bulk bags make the storage more practical and easier to be measured than keeping it loose. A big variety of machines can be used for dispersing. In case of manual gritting, work gloves are recommended and if necessary, protective glasses as well. A dry, well-ventilated place with a low humidity level should be used for storing.